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Plot No. 777 Chembe, Cape Maclear, Malawi.


Acts 19:11-20.

God’s Word

The Christian Miracles and Prophesying Training School Commenced classes in a Forest at Misuku Mountains and God gave Bishop Kayange a Vision to move the Training School to Mumbo Island Estimated 1 diameter situated in the Middle of Lake Nyasa with a beautiful surrounding of Wild Animals around L. Malawi National Park.

Bishop Kayange recieved a Vision to move to the Island because he grew up a Fisherman and a Wrestler playing Wrestling for the Fishermen Traditional Committee.

In 1994 Bishop Kayange went to represent the Fishermen Wrestling Traditional Team of the Northern Region of Malawi at Los Angeles in the United States of America where he met with the great Magician known as Dynamo who introduced him to Magic.

After the Bishop recieved Tips from Dynami he returned back to Malawi and continued with his Church work as a Preacher in the Church where he recieved a Vision to move to Misuku forest Mountains in 1997.

Bishop stayed in the Forest for 2 years recruiting some other Villagers to practice the Bible studies and how to perform Miracles and Prophesying.

AFter 2years Bishop recieved a Vision to move to the Mumbo Island due to the spiritual Connections in the wild animals around L. Malawi National Park for the Easy use of the Magical Animals such as the Sea Chameleons and some other Invisible Unseen Holy Ghost ANgels of God along the Island.

The Training school is to help the teaching of the word of God.
How to receive the Divine Annointing Spirit of Healing.
Basic performing Miracles, Acrobatics, Interpretation of Dreams, Fore telling and Spiritual Guidance.
Acts 19:11-20.

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